The O Ultimate Set (Blac)

The O Ultimate Set (Blac)

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The O pod 4 x 30mm rollers 4 x 40mm rollers 4 x 50mm rollers 12 x clips Luxury Carry Case

Simply pop your selected roller into the pod and it'll be ready to use in less than four seconds


The unique induction heat feature means that rollers heat from the inside out, so they're hot in the hair, not in the hand meaning you can easily glide them into place


The O rollers are light to handle and use the latest soft grip technology; meaning they glide effortlessly into place and hold hair in position whilst the roller cools


With several sizes of roller to choose from you can create an array of looks. Choose the extra large 60 mm rollers for longer hair and bigger lift, or smaller rollers for a tighter finish.